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Public ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness / Counsel Entered Under
EXHIBIT/P-00065Helly Hansen Power Point Presentation11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00067ISO Certificate to Helly Hansen11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00068Transport Canada - AMO Certificates: a. 4-49 Approved Maintenance Organization; b. 3-99 Approved Organization Manufacture and Certification; c. 3-99 Aeronautical Products11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00069Transport Canada - Type Certificate AP-22 for Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00070Transport Canada - Special Conditions - Airworthiness of Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00071Transport Canada - E-452 Marine Approval Certificate11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00072CV's of Helly Hansen Staff: a. Donald Mah; b. Brian Farnworth; c. Larry Spears CV's of Helly Hansen Staff: a. Donald Mah; b. Brian Farnworth; c. Larry Spears11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00073CGSB - Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suite System - Can GSB 65.17-9911/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00074CGSB - Immersion Suit Systems Standard - Can CGSB 65.16-200511/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00075FAA - Aviation Inflatable Standard TSO-C13f11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00076ExxonMobil (for HMDC) - Request for Proposal (Extract) for Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00077ExxonMobil (for HMDC) - Contract Award Letter for Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00078ExxonMobil (for HMDC) - Contract Job Specification11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00079Petro Canada - Contract Job Specification for Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00080Husky Job Specification for Helicopter Suit System11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00081Helly Hansen - E-452 Specification Sheet and Size Chart11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00082Sea Marshall PLB Brochure11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00083Picture of Sea Marshall PLB and Light on Suit11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00084AquaLung - HUEBA Brochure11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00085ACR Firefly 3 Waterbug Light Brochure11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00086HMDC - Contract Quality Control11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00087Petro Canada - Contract Quality Control11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00088Husky - Contract Quality Control11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00089Helly Hansen - Maintenance Checklist: a. HH-029 Initial Inspection Checklist; b. HH-042A E-452 Transportation Suit - Manufacturing - Final Inspection; c) HH-030 Visual Inspection Checklist for E-452 Liner Exchange; d. HH-015A - E452 Transportation Suit - Maintenance -Final Inspection; e. Helly Hansen Work Order Form11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00090Helly Hansen - Offshore Survey11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00091Suit Fitting Contract Amendments: a. HMDC Contract Amendment Suit Fitting; b. Husky Contract Amendment Suit Fittings; c. Suncor Contract Amendment Suit Fitting11/18/2009Helly Hansen
EXHIBIT/P-00092Picture HTS-1 Suit11/18/2009Helly Hansen
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