Transcripts & Exhibits

Public ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness / Counsel Entered Under
EXHIBIT/P-00120Undertaking - Response to Undertaking 2 from CAPP1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00121Undertaking - Response to Undertaking 3-4 from CAPP1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00122Undertaking - 3 - Extracts of CAPP Committees Meeting Minutes re HUEBA (Partially Redacted)1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00123Undertaking - 4 - Extracts of CAPP HUEBA Task Force Meeting Minutes (Partially Redacted)1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00124Undertaking - Response to Undertaking 5 from CAPP1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00125Undertaking - 5 - Extracts of CAPP AC EPG Agenda and Minutes and copy of PowerPoint (Partially Redacted)1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00126Undertaking - Response to Undertaking 6 from CAPP1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00127Undertaking - 6 - Training and Qualifications Change Request Form 20091/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00128Undertaking - Response to Undertaking 7 from CAPP1/13/2010CAPP
EXHIBIT/P-00129Letter to C-NLOPB from Petro-Canada re FPSO Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2008 (Partially Redacted)1/13/2010Joint Operator Panel
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