Transcripts & Exhibits

Public ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness / Counsel Entered Under
EXHIBIT/P-00100Presentation submitted by William A. (Bill) Parsons, Retired Labour Leader11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00101Photo - Pan African11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00102Photo - Global Maritime Image11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00103Photo - Fredolsen Image11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00104Photo - Ship Bow Side11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00105Photo - Rig11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00106Photo - Turret11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00107Photo - Helipad11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00108Photo - Helipad with Helicopter11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00109Photo - Lewek Conqueror11/25/2009Bill Parsons
EXHIBIT/P-00110Evaluation of the CF/DND Component of the National Search and Rescue Program January 200811/25/2009Harris, Jack
EXHIBIT/P-00111Search and Rescue Operation Report, March 28 and 29, 200911/25/2009Harris, Jack
EXHIBIT/P-00112National Search and Rescue Manual (National SAR Manual)11/25/2009Harris, Jack
EXHIBIT/P-00113Review of SAR - Response Services - June 30, 199911/25/2009Harris, Jack
EXHIBIT/P-00114Presentation by Jack Harris, Q.C., M.P. 2009-11-2511/25/2009Harris, Jack
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