Transcripts & Exhibits

Public ExhibitDescription of ExhibitDate Entered into EvidenceWitness / Counsel Entered Under
EXHIBIT/P-00001Annual Report to Parliament 2008-2009 of the Transportation Safety Board submitted 2009-06-01 for the period of 2008-04-01 to 2009-03-3110/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00002Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act, S.C., 1989, c.3 - Current to 2009-09-1710/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00003Transportation Safety Board Regulations, SOR/92-446, Current to 2009-09-0810/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00004Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) (Incorporating all amendments adopted by the Council prior to 2001-02-27)10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00005Video of Transportation Safety Board10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00006Investigation Process Pamphlet of the Tranportation Safety Board (English and French Versions)10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00007Occurrence Classification Policy of the Transportation Safety Board dated 2006-12-05 (English and French)10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00008Power Point of Mme. Tadros on Transportation Safety Board (Slides)10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00009Integrated Safety Investigation Methodology (ISIM) Reference Manual - Air of the Transportation Safety Board (Also available in French)10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
EXHIBIT/P-00010Helicopter Related Safety Advisories and Safety Letters10/28/2009Transportation Safety Board
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